I’ll admit it – I am awful at spelling. It’s impossible for me to recall the number of times I’ve “defiantly” agreed to help a friend or added “beagles and cream cheese” to my grocery list. That’s why designing the graphics for SATE’s newest production – Eleemosynary – left me just a bit terrified.Eleemosynary is Lee Blessing’s story of three generations of women struggling to define themselves as individuals and as part of a family unit. Echo, the youngest generation, tries to force a connection between her mother and grandmother by competing in the National Spelling Bee. The words intended to bring them together also fill the self-created space between them.

That space and those words set the tone for our concept of the graphics for this piece.

I had the pleasure of sitting around the table at the Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble’s first rehearsal several weeks ago and can’t wait to see what Madeleine Steinau (Echo), Margeau Baue Steinau (Dorothea), Rachel Tibbetts (Artemis) and director Ellie Schwetye do with this highly emotional production.

November 7-17 at 8:00PM
Wednesdays through Saturdays

The Chapel;
238 Alexander Drive
St. Louis, MO 63105

Tickets can be purchased with cash, check or at Brown Paper Tickets.

Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble (SATE) is an ensemble-based theatre company comprised of artists from varying disciplines devoted to movement training, the telling of stories through an exploration of words, movement, and sound, educational outreach, and the creation and development of new theatrical works and the revisiting of established works as an ensemble.

Please call (314) 827-5760 or visit the SATE website at slightlyoff.org for more information.

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